Numerical evaluation of euroformix R-packages (from v3):
See document "Development validation of EFM" below for an introduction of how EuroForMix is tested before each release.

Numerical evaluation of euroformix R-packages (before v3):
NumEval_version(see file below) contains R-scripts for numerical tests of the euroformix_version R-version.
The quantitative and qualitative likelihood function, the probabilities in deconvolution and the probabilities used for relatedness is tested.
Several samples with many different hypotheses are checked. Read PROCEDURE_README.txt for more details.

Evaluation with DNAmixture:
The underlying likelihood function for the software EuroForMix is compared with the software DNAmixture (
Note that the comparison is only considered for a model where we have assumed no allele drop-in, no degradation and Fst=0,

The added R-script runs a comparison study between two software where 1, 2 and 3-person contributed stains are generated from a specified model and evaluated with different types of hypothesis.

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