A very fast, efficient, fully automated database search algorithm has been implemented as the open source R-package dnamatch2 (download R-package below). It carries out both "crime-stain-against-crime-stain" and "reference-against-crime-stain" comparisons, where the stains can be partial mixture profiles with allele drop-out.

dnamatch2: An open source software to carry out large scale database searches of mixtures using qualitative and quantitative models

Important updates:
dnamatch2_v2.0.0 introduces as GUI for the user for user friendly search setup management.
Click here for version change information

Follow the dnamatch2_v2Tutorial for an introuduction. Data is given in the dnamatch2_v2TutorialData zip-file.

First, follow the euroformix installation at the About page (dnamatch2 v2.0.0 depends on euroformix 2.0.2 or newer) .

  • To download and install dnamatch2 R-package:
    • Alternative 1 (install from binary)
    • Download a ""-file and install it manually (using the original zip-file) in the the R-software using Install package(s) from local zip files...

    • Alternative 2 (install from source)
    • Install from GitHub repository oyvble/dnamatch2 directly from the R-software:
      Copy and run (press ENTER) these commands in the R-software (example with version 2.0.0):

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